Qikblogger is a clone of

Qikblogger is a multi-user multi-blog engine (PHP + MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite) with support for permalinks, tags, RSS and customised themes (using Easy Template System).

We just love :-)


The motivation behind Qikblogger is to provide an ideal solution for corporates, communities, institutions, organistaions and universities interested in providing a blogging space of their own.


  • Multi-user Multi-blog support

  • Custom theme support (Uses Easy Template System - Blogger Themes can be easily ported to Qikblogger)

  • Web Syndication (RSS 1.0)

  • Tagging

  • Group Blogging

  • Permalinks ( Permanent Links )

  • Web Syndication ( RSS 1.0)

  • Free and Open Source(released under GNU General Public License)


  • Qikblogger is now hosted on

  • Pre-Alpha release would be available for download in the last week of December 2005

  • Alpha release would be available for downlaod in January 2006

Thank You

The Qikblogger team would like to thank you for showing interest in this project. You can share your views and opinions on our blog Qikblogger Blog (Yup, its hosted on bcoz we @ Qikblogger just love it).

We would also like to thank Logo > the world's largest Open Source software development website for providing us project hosting space and giving a much needed impetus to our efforts.

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